• Loving Football ⚽ is Loving Humanity

    This is more than a game.

    Football is the only beautiful thing in the world now.

    The only moment you see show of love and unity is football moments.

    The only moment you see solidarity is football moments.

    It’s a relationship where only love prevails.

    Love for the colours you wear,

    for the crest you touch right above your heart when you pray,

    And for those boots you lace up in the hope that your legs pump harder than you heart does.

    It’s my passion,my life…my escape. When I play,I forget everything that sucks in my life

    The football pitch was a place where I could express myself and just be me.

    The whole world should learn a thing about football,

    It’s not about entertainment but show of love,unity and solidarity.

    Loving Football is loving humanity


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